Friday, 5 February 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Excel is a very useful and powerful tool. But before moving forward it is really important to know the keyboard movements among the cells.
Moves one cell to the right
Moves one cell down
Having said the use of enter and tab I still prefer to use the arrow keys to move from left, right, up or down.
Page down
Moves down one screen
Page up
Moves up one screen
Moves to column a of active row
Ctrl + Home
Moves to cell A1
Ctrl + End
Moves to  last cell used in the worksheet
Page down
Moves one screen down
Page up
Moves one screen up
Ctrl + !
To format cells ?(do not use shift key for exclamation, it’s simply Ctrl + 1)

How to switch Between Worksheets?
Mostly we all know how useful alt + tab is to switch between windows. Similarly we can also switch between excel worksheet by simply using : Ctrl+ Page down – to move to next worksheet, Ctrl+ Page up – to move to the previous worksheet.

Does excel have unlimited number of rows and columns?
While you’re working in excel you must be thinking the no. of cells and rows in excel worksheet is unlimited. But no! it’s not unlimited. You can simply find the number of rows and columns in your worksheet by using Ctrl + down Arrow and Ctrl + right Arrow.
So By now you know Office Excel grid is 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns.         

How to add rows or columns?
At times after doing a whole lot of work in excel we find that certains row or column is missed by us. So often we right click then go to insert then followed by that we get 4 options i.e,1) shift cells right- which moves the selected cell to the right 2) Shift cells down – moves the selected cell down 3)entire row-inserts an entire row above your selected cell 4)entire column – inserts an entire column towards the left side of your selected cell.
There is another way out of doing this by simply pressing ctrl followed by “I” (which stands for insert) followed by “R” (which stands for row) that will insert you an entire row and similarly Ctrl followed by “I” followed by “C” which will insert you an entire Column. Do not hold all the keys at the same time time.
So the way you insert a row by pressing ctrl then “I” then “R” , you can also delete an entire row by pressing Ctrl followed by “d” followed by “R” and the same goes for columns.


Monday, 11 January 2016

Basic Shortcuts of Computer

We all are noobs at some point of time.A year ago when i started my summer vacation internship as an accountant in a C.A firm i found i was very slow with my work and the main reason was i was sticking to the mouse. My seniors advised me to be free from mouse to be quick.So here i have jotted down a few basic shortcuts which i knew and some of which i learnt.

Note: I have given here the most commonly used shortcuts in basic PC shortcuts key section.

Select all
Copy Selected item
Cut the selected item
Print the current page or document
Undo any change
Redo the undo
Save the current document
Beginning of current line
Goes to the end of current line
Goes to the beginning of the document
Goes to the end of the document
Switch between open tabs in browsers
Switch between open programs
Close the current active programs
Deletes a full one word at a time instead of a single character
Find any program
Rename any selected file